NEMA Standard for PTFE Insulated Wire1:

HP3-(Type) (Construction)(Conductor Material) (AWG)(Number of Strands)(Color)
NEMA Type: ET, E, EE as described above.
Construction: Wrapped (W), Extruded (X)

Example: HP3-EXCFE9
PTFE, Type E, Extruded, Nickel Plated Copper, 22 AWG, 19 Strands, White

NEMA Standard for FEP Insulated Wire2:

HP4-(Type)(Conductor Material)(AWG)(Number of Strands)(Color)
NEMA Type: KT, K, KK as described above.

Example: HP4-K-BFA9
FEP, Type K, Silver Plated Copper, 22 AWG, Solid, White

Part Number Identification

Conductor Material and Coating
Letter Conductor Material and Coating
B Silver Plated Copper (SPC)
C Nickel Plated Copper
D Silver Plated High Strength Copper Alloy (SPC Alloy)
E Nickel Plated High Strength Copper Alloy (NPC Alloy)
F Silver Plated Copper Clad Steel (SPCCS)
G Nickel Plated Copper Clad Steel (NPCCS)
H Tin Plated Copper (TPC) (HP4 only, not for HP3)
AWG Nominal Conductor Size
AWG Letter AWG Letter AWG Letter AWG Letter
32 A 20 G 8 N - -
30 B 18 H 6 P - -
28 C 16 J 4 R 2/0 W
26 D 14 K 2 S 3/0 Y
24 E 12 L 1 T 4/0 Z
22 F 10 M 1/0 U - -
Number of Strands
Letter Number of Strands
A 1
B 7
E 19
G 37
L 133
P 665
R 817
S 1045
T 1330
V 1665
W 2109


1 NEMA HP3-2012
2 NEMA HP4-2012
NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association